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The Word is Out—Hearing Loss Impacts Relationships!

(Sedona AZ)  Richard E. Carmen, Au.D., publisher at Auricle Ink, was interviewed recently by independent journalist Carl Sherman for a feature article published in Bottomline Health (Sept/2012) - a print (and online) magazine written by experts for consumers that covers a variety of interesting topics on health. Their readership is reported to be 150,000 subscribers.

The article’s title, “Is Your Loved One’s Hearing Loss Driving You Nuts? – Secrets to Making a Hearing Aid Much More Appealing,” addresses a loved one’s resistance to getting hearing aids. Hard as dispensing professionals try, the industry still faces an overwhelming number of patients who just don’t want hearing aids. The article addresses many options available to Bottomline readers which are also applicable to any resistant patient.  Some of the guidelines in the article to assist loved ones resistant to seeking help include: 1) addressing any potential underlining issues of codependence; 2) using correct and current information about hearing aids instead of basing decisions on rumors; 3) videotaping a loved one while struggling to hear at a family gathering, and later view it privately with the loved one to demonstrate the depth of the problem.

If nothing else works, the article suggests, 4) try a family intervention. “Without prior warning to the loved one, family members meet with him for 10 to 15 minutes to talk about how the problem has affected them. The overall message of the meeting should be how much the family members care . . . and want a higher quality of life for the person with hearing loss (and for themselves).”

The thrust of the article is based on Carmen’s book, How Hearing Loss Impacts Relationships—Motivating your Loved One. Hearing care professionals often must educate the entire family in order for everyone to really understand the dynamics and significant impact hearing loss can have on their resistant loved ones, which was the impetus behind Carmen’s book. This book is available at wholesale in the industry through Auricle Ink Publishers: (928) 284-0860, their website, and their affiliated distributors (including B&T and Ingram).

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April / 2010
Auricle Ink Publishers
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SEDONA AZ. Auricle Ink Publishers announces the release of The Consumer Handbook on Hearing Loss and Noise, Marshall Chasin, Au.D., Editor. “This book was prompted by the need for education. As we know, noise is the Number One most preventable cause of hearing loss worldwide,” said Richard Carmen, Publisher, “and while there have been significant strides toward getting the word out about the dangers of noise, there remain high risk factors in many segments of industry and even for recreational participants.”
The roster of contributors includes top scholars in their respective areas including Alberto Behar, Richard Salvi, Ed Lobarinas and Wei Sun, Arline Bronzaft, Brian Fligor, Margaret Cheesman, Thais Morata, David Baguley, Ken Einhorn, Douglas Lewis, Lee Hager and William Gastmeier. This 224-page handbook covers information that both consumers and industry need to know, and would be a highly useful and beneficial educational tool for university courses. Chapter topics include basics of hearing loss, noise and measurement; anatomy/physiology; harmful physical/mental effects; recreational noise; hearing in noise; combination of noise with chemicals in the workplace; tinnitus/hyperacusis; medical consequences; hearing healthcare and the law; standards and protection; and architectural strategies. There is an extensive glossary and index. Those interested in previewing this book may visit the publisher’s website for excerpts from all chapters.
Kathy Peck, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers, in her review for consumers stated that, “This is an excellent book! Gifted hearing professionals take you through a comprehensive guide on how noise can affect our hearing and the significance of their research. Wish every musician, sound engineer and music lover would get a copy! Loved it!”
Bulk order discounts, catalogs and more information are available by contacting the company: (928) 284-0860. Excerpts can be viewed at

PRESS RELEASE April / 2009

SEDONA AZ. Auricle Ink Publishers announces the new release of Hearing Aids: The First 30 Days by Professor Emeritus of Audiology Jess Dancer, Ed.D. “When he came to us with the idea of a book about trial, it just struck a chord with us,” said Publisher Richard Carmen on behalf of Auricle Ink. “This little 72-page book invites new hearing aid wearers to read two pages each day to gain the benefit, insights and wisdom to make it through the first thirty days. We expect this to have very favorably results not only in the education of consumers, but increasing satisfaction and helping to manage expectations and returns. While readers will know what this is about, the word trial is actually never used in the book.” Judi Biederman, Editor at ADVANCE for Audiologists, said, “This instructive handbook takes new hearing aid wearers on a wonderful journey….It should be standard issue with every new hearing aid dispensed.” Available April/2009.
Also release in April is the long-anticipated Third Edition of The Consumer Handbook on Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids: A Bridge to Healing (Richard E. Carmen, Au.D., Editor). The most distinguished audiologists, physicians and scientists have contributed chapters and knowledge on hearing loss issues of concern to consumers. The First Edition was the recipient of the 1998-99 Glyph Award as The Best Health Book by an Arizona publisher and was used in a scientific study as an educational tool for hearing aid wearers (Kochkin, 1999: Hear Review), revealing that consumers are significantly more satisfied with their hearing aids when they’re better informed of what to expect.
While a couple chapters have been retired for the Third Edition, chapters have been revised and updated, most especially the chapter on hearing aids, as a result of so many changes in technology since 2004. Added to the new edition are chapters on tinnitus (Grant Searchfield, Ph.D.), telecoils and wireless assistive listening (David Myers, Ph.D.), assistive technologies (Laine Waggoner, M.S.), and new Q&A’s. According to Auricle Ink’s in-house publicist Jo Stone, Ph.D., “I think this is an invaluable resource for consumers that gets better with each edition.” This title is available in both hard and soft covers. Excerpts of all books are viewable at Standard and bulk order discounts are available by calling (928) 284-0860 for a catalog or more information.
Some prior review comments include:
• "The pearls of wisdom you harvest will last a lifetime." [Audecibel]
• " excellent bridge for crossing over the deep emotional, intellectual and physical barriers when seeking hearing help..." [Hearing Review].
• “I believe this book will be the single most important educational tool you will discover in your search for better hearing.” [Audiology Online]
• “…clear, straightforward and practical guidance on how to prevent hearing loss from diminishing your quality of life… [Hearing Journal]
• “We’ve looked for years for a resource like this—Big marks for thoroughness, humor and clarity. [American Tinnitus Association]
"…reveals hearing loss is not insurmountable!" [Self Help for Hard of Hearing People]

PRESS RELEASE April / 2006

Children with Hearing Loss—A Family Guide
by David Luterman, Editor

SEDONA AZ. Auricle Ink Publishers announces release of Children with Hearing Loss, a wonderful, information-packed book for families who have a child suffering from hearing loss. It is edited by David Luterman, D.Ed., a leading audiologist who has specialized in hearing loss in children. He offers two chapters in this book addressing both the emotional impact of hearing loss on the child as well as the family.
Dr. Luterman’s contributing authors include other audiologists who specialize in hearing loss in children. Linda Thibodeau, Ph.D. writes on the topic of hearing aids and cochlear implants for children. Dr. Thibodeau is a Professor at the University of Texas. Karen L. Anderson, Ph.D. reveals the fascinating process of listening and how it impacts learning. Dr. Anderson serves as an audiology consultant to the State of Florida. Cheryl DeConde Johnson, Ed.D. provides an informative chapter on what parents need to know about the educational system. Any parent of a child with hearing loss will face certain perils in education. This chapter helps address and dispel many such challenges. Dr. Johnson is a supervisor and consultant with the Colorado Department of Education.
Dr. Luterman is Professor Emeritus at Emerson College in Boston and Director of the Thayer Lindsey Family Centered Nursery for Hearing Impaired Children. He has dedicated his career to developing a greater understanding of the psychological effects and emotions associated with hearing loss and the caregiver role. He teaches professionals to understand the emotional responses of parents as they come to grips with the hearing loss of their child. He has lectured extensively on counseling throughout the United States, Canada and abroad, and has authored a number of books on the subject matter of hearing loss in children.

PRESS RELEASE April / 2005

The Consumer Handbook on Dizziness & Vertigo
by Dennis Poe, MD, Editor

SEDONA AZ. Auricle Ink Publishers announces release of The Consumer Handbook on Dizziness & Vertigo by Dennis Poe, MD, Editor. It answers an essential need to better understand this dreaded condition. The most distinguished ear, nose and throat physicians and rehabilitation therapists have joined Dr. Poe in an invaluable collaboration, each writing a chapter within their own specialty. It is destined to be a classic resource for anyone suffering from this malady. Every reader can benefit as if privately consulting with each doctor. There is a wealth of information and knowledge available. Much of the anxiety associated with this chronic problem can be alleviated by knowing the facts.
Dr. Poe earned his MD from SUNY Syracuse, his residency in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery at the University of Chicago, and a subspecialty fellowship in neurotology with the Otology Group in Nashville, Tennessee. He is a full-time faculty member in the Department of Otology and Laryngology, Harvard Medical School and Children's Hospital of Boston. He is also on staff at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. He has published a number of scientific research articles and patient information writings on medical and surgical treatments for Meniere's disease. He has done pioneering work in minimally invasive surgery of the ear.

PRESS RELEASE April / 2005

How Hearing Loss Impacts Relationships--Motivating Your Loved One
by Richard E Carmen, Au.D.

SEDONA AZ. Auricle Ink Publishers announces release of perhaps one of the most important books that loved ones of resistant hard-of-hearing people will ever read. It is not a book particularly for people who themselves suffer from hearing loss, but rather, for the families that must endure the hardships of loved ones resistant to treatment.
Eighty percent of people with hearing loss do not seek hearing aids or other treatment. Among the 80 percent, many dismiss the extent of the problem, some deny they even have a problem, but almost all are resistant to seeking help. This results in millions of loved ones and their families enduring unnecessary strife and conflict.
This is the first book exclusively for families that explains how to manage the frustrations of a highly resistant loved one who won’t seek treatment for hearing loss. It peels away layer after layer and exposes what is behind the resistance. Vanity, stigma and denial are addressed straight on. Steps are provided on how to conquer the emotional and psychological consequences that often bring crisis to the entire family.
Besides fascinating insights into the psychological mechanisms behind resistance, clarified is the essential role family members play in shifting their loved one from “struggling to hear” to “hearing independence.” It will inspire readers to make the necessary adjustments in their lives that can result in profound changes and a higher quality of life for everyone.
Dr. Carmen, a consumer author for more than 25 years, has been interviewed on dozens of radio (and some television) shows, and in dozens of newspapers and magazines. His comments or feature articles have appeared in Modern Maturity, Ladies’ Home Journal, Target for the Family, Self Magazine and The Saturday Evening Post to name a few. He has been a contributing feature writer for hearing industry journals as well.

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